Art School of Jacmel
Didier Civil:  Founder/Director

I am working to be able to create a school in Jacmel to teach traditional crafts as a way of providing a trade and skills that will help people to generate an income as  artisans producing objects directed at the tourist industry and the interest in traditional crafts worldwide.

ENARTS (Ecole Nationale des Arts) is in Port-au-Prince . Matriculation requires graduation from high school, exams and one must pay tuition. These qualifications make it impossible for the general population to participate.

The school will create different types of opportunities.

Some students with exceptional talent will go on to create unique pieces.

Others will work more as artisans in mass production of series and might even work on large commissions.

There will be a store at the school.

We will bring in guest teachers from Port-au-Prince and other Haitian cities and as well inviter artists from abroad to spend time at the school in Jacmel to teach . They will stay with a Haitian family , eat their meals in the community and see all the wondrous sites of Haiti.

I will concentrate on papier mache technique to explore the full range of sculptural possibilities from the folkloric image to abstraction;

Basics of  Painting and drawing

Ceramics – from the folkloric to the abstract

Scupture – wood; papier mache; clay; metal;

2004 – 2007 –  I was one of the Founders of the Centre de Formation Artistique de Jacmel (CFAJ) This Center was supported by KONPAY (Konbit Pou Ayiti), an organization based in the US that donated money and supplies so that CFAJ could pay teachers, and provide scholarships for the community. CFAJ is no longer active.

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