Papier Mache Workshops

No children under 10 years old




Paper as used on paper bags


Contact cement

Acrylic Paint and brushes
Orange, black, white; blue; green; yellow; red

Sponges for painting



Heavy duty scissors to cut cardboard

Sculpting knife

Cutter – to cut the mold to remove the clay

Day 1 – How to make the clay mold – depending upon age and interest of students and size of mold  – from two ours to five hours
Let it set – one day

Day 2 – Apply the paper and the cardboard – two to five hours depending upon size of mold

Let it dry for one or two days

Process can be speeded up with electric hair dryer

Day 3 –Remove  papier mache from mold – Glue sections together – Let it Dry – 30 minutes to two hours

Day 4 –  – 3o minutes to two hours

Fine cutting of form

Line inside of mask with paper

Let it Dry

Day 5 – Paint and varnish
One hour to several hours depending complexity and size

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